Job Description: Data and IT Support Staff


Data and IT Support Staff

We are looking for an IT support staff to manage the IT infrastructure and oversee the use and management of data. You will discover efficient ways to maintain IT including emails, calendars, as well as organize, store and analyze data with attention to security and confidentiality.

This position serves as the centralized entry point and provides escalated troubleshooting for all technology related service requests and support related issues for technical issues across the company. Provides primary employee support by taking calls, answering email, responding to tickets, answering support related questions, and/or performing desk-side support.

You will also be tech-savvy and possess excellent troubleshooting skills.

The goal is to ensure that information flows timely and securely to and from the organization as well as within.

Required Skills:

  • Associate’s degree in computer science, or related field (Bachelor’s degree preferred)
  • Experience with telecom incidents, desktop (hardware/software), third- party software/hardware applications, and home office configurations.
  • Experience troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolving complex PC and network problems.
  • Experience working within Virtual environment
  • The ability to identify patterns and investigate mission critical solutions.
  • Experience of handling tickets on a Ticket Management tool and Asset Management Systems such as Service Now Attention to detail and ability to follow standard operating procedures


  • Troubleshooting, configuration, database administration, and repair/monitoring for server, network, infrastructure, Data Center, email, file shares, and other infrastructure issues. Act as primary/first line interface for employee technical needs, ability to handle escalations
  • Ability to deploy solutions to new problems
  • Set up and configure laptops and desktops with required softwares and providing regular updates
  • Receive employee computer and network trouble calls watching for trends and/or recurring problems
  • Prioritize and work Help/Service Desk requests according to policy and procedure
  • Go-to person for solving difficult issues
  • Helps train other end users/ support personnel
  • Devise and deliver solutions to enhance quality of service and prevent future problems
  • Log employee information into a service request ticket that will follow the request through to its completion.
  • Provide technical assistance in resolving IT related problems involving hardware, software and system compatibility conflicts and malfunctions, application operations, connectivity, network, and security issues.
  • Maintain and achieve all Help/Service Desk performance metrics
  • Process incoming support requests to ensure courteous, timely, and effective resolution of end user issues
  • Coordinate and/or perform hands-on fixes at the desktop and server level
  • Research emerging End User Support/Service Desk products, services, tools, and practices
  • Perform other related duties as required and assigned
  • Demonstrate behaviors which are aligned with the organization’s desired culture and values
  • Create and enforce policies for effective data management
  • Formulate techniques for quality data collection to ensure adequacy, accuracy and legitimacy of data
  • Devise and implement efficient and secure procedures for data handling and analysis with attention to all technical aspects
  • Support others in the daily use of data systems and ensure adherence to legal and company standards
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  • サマレンドラ・モハンティ博士 |共同創設者兼社長

    サマレンドラ・モハンティ (共同創設者/社長) は、生物医学科学で 20 年以上の経験を持つ発明家兼連続起業家です。彼は、いくつかのバイオテクノロジーおよび生物医学機器/診断会社 ($100K+ 生物医学機器を開発および商品化) の共同創設者です。


    彼の生物医学技術に関する広範な経験には、テキサス大学の教授/上級科学者としての勤務も含まれます。カリフォルニア大学アーバイン校。アドバンスセンターテクノロジー(インド);内部。モル。バイオテック (ドイツ);大学パヴィア(イタリア); NUS (シンガポール);セントアンドリュース大学(英国)。彼は 200 件を超える国際特許を執筆しており、Nature や Nature Photonics などの主要なジャーナルに論文を掲載しています。

    彼は、Audacious Goal Initiative や Bioengineering Research の助成金など、National Eye Institute からの主要な助成金の主任研究者です。彼はジャーナルの編集委員を務めており、光遺伝学に関する国際会議の議長を務めています。彼は、2019 年のヘルスケア ヒーローズ賞 (フォート ワース ビジネス プレス)、網膜オルガノイド チャレンジ賞、オーダシャス ゴール イニシアチブ賞 (NIH)、テック タイタンのファイナリスト、および NIH ディレクターズ イノベーター賞の受賞者です。